Friday, July 26, 2013

My Non-Diet Diet

A few months ago, I was reading my buddy Karen's blog - Working it Out, where she mentioned the Angriest Trainer podcast. I love listening to podcasts. If I am on a long drive I am usually listening to podcasts before music. Even on long runs I usually pick a podcast over music.

When Karen mentioned the podcast on her blog I decided to look it up and see if I too would like it. The Angriest Trainer is none other than Vinnie Tortorich, a badass trainer, triathlete and author of  "Fitness Confidential." He and Anna Vocino are the main speakers on the podcast. I started with episode 1 and instantly I was hooked.

Anna and Vinnie are hilarious. They also provide loads of useful information. Their goal is to reveal to us how our good intentions have been stolen. Aside from that Vinnie is a carnivorous vegan and a huge proponent of this lifestyle. He bases his diet on NO Sugar, NO Grains or NSNG. It is basically a low carb, high fat diet for those that need specific name.

After over dosing on the episodes a bit, Vinnie started working on my brain. I half-heartedly started NSNG before going to San Fran. I really only watched my grain intake and kept from eating too many sweets (which is not really my problem). I didn't lose a whole lot of weight but it was enough that people started noticing a leaner Jess. :)

Of course, I went to San Fran and everything went to the crapper.

Ten days ago today, I decided to start over. This time I put it in my head that this will be a lifelong change. And instead of doing it half-heartedly I decided to go hard core, at least for now. Between the podcast and other reading I have decided to experiment and push myself into ketosis.  Basically this is where you teach your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs.

I don't think I am in ketosis yet. Apparently, you are supposed to feel crappy, be extremely thirsty and have stinky breath. From what I have read the more you work out the faster you get into keto by burning off all the sugar. I haven't been working out a lot and I imagine I have a lot to burn off. :)
I am eating way less of this...
and way more of this...
and this!
It hasn't been super hard, yet. I don't it a whole lot of sweets and I love meat and things that have lots of fat like bacon, avocados and nuts.

My main problems will come when it gets close to that time of the month when I will be craving sweets. That will be a toughy to resist. Also, I have seen rice a few times and seriously just want to dig my face in it. LOL

I love mi arrozito!

I will keep you all posted. It will be interesting not taking any extra sugary things during Top Gun. I plan on sticking with good ol' Nuun.

Have you ever attempted going into ketosis? What did you learn?


  1. I think the NSNG is a great way to go. I may need to re-vamp my diet that way as well. Bacon lovers unite! lol!

  2. Yay for sexy body, but I don't get the high fat part? I also havent done research. I do understand the no sugar, it is my downfall, especially now!

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