Monday, July 15, 2013

Operation Life 7/1 -7/15

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has had a good day. Seems like I came back to blogging to only take another little hiatus. It's hard getting back into the blogging groove. And when life's little miracles happen that doesn't help the cause either.  Here is a quick run down of what has been keeping me busy:
Andy and I celebrated our 9th dating anniversary. Official one year till wedding countdown begins!
We celebrated at Mise en Place, which was delicious.
My future SIL had her baby 7 weeks early. I was in and out of hospital helping. Baby and momma are doing good. Isn't she precious?!
Somedays were hectic. I went from work to track to hospital only to get home super late.
I left on my final trip of this year. Enjoyed celebrating my BFF's 30th birthday in San Francisco and Napa Valley.
We had an amazing time!!
Did I mention that we were a total of 17 girls traveling and partying to celebrate? 
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With all the craziness I am sure you are wondering how much working out I accomplished? Not much. But I wasn't a complete slacker either. The worst part of it all really was my return back from San Francisco. I got sick on the last day of the trip and I was jet lagged. Seriously, there were nights I was only getting between 2-4 hours of sleep. It was no wonder that by last week I was starting to feel extremely rundown and icky.

Yesterday, I started to feel somewhat human again. My ear is still popping, but I am feeling MUCH better.

I plan to get back to the grind tomorrow with a track workout and swim. Top Gun is a little less than 12 days away. A fact I didn't realize until I read Meghan's blog. Will I be ready? I think so. I feel as if I have the bike and swim distance down. I probably won't be fast but I can get 'er done. As for the run well I am trained up to 2 miles. LOL I may have to wing the extra 1.1 mile. It should be interesting.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I can't believe that many of you traveled to San Fran. So awesome! I followed the trip on fb. Lol! Super excited we'll all be at Top Gun! You can wing 3 miles. I've done it before. ;)

  2. Welcome back doll! What a huge group of girls for the SFO trip! Wow I bet that was a fun plane ride :)


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