Friday, August 9, 2013

Top Gun Recap

I know you have all been waiting to hear what happened at Top Gun this year.

I must say I had a grand ol' time.

It wasn't a PR day and I was more then ready for the outcome. The goal was to finish and have fun. And boy did I have fun. 

My posse (my bro and fiance) were working and couldn't make it out. I had a busy day lined up. I had to leave the race at a reasonable hour and get my daughter to a stunt clinic. 

With that in mind, Mini-Me and I set out at 4 a.m. so I could get there in time to pick up my race packet. You have to love a teen who will wake up early to watch her mom tri. I spent the majority of our car ride trying to wake her up by playing reggaetton and booty music. She thinks I'm crazy and loves it.

We got to Ft. Desoto Park right on time. I always forget how bad the mosquitos are out before the sun comes up. Here is a tip don't leave your car without mosquito repellant. In the 15 minutes it took me to get my packet I got tore up by mosquitos. 

Once we got my packet, we headed back to the car to get all my stuff and get marked up. I organized my transition area and couldn't help notice that everyone in my row had a super suped up bicycle. Jeez my poor Padme looked sad next to all the fanciness. 

My wave didn't start until 7:30 something. Mini-Me and I had a lot of time to kill. We walked around chatted with some friends. I even warmed up in the water, which was super choppy. 

Right on time my wave got going. My wave was a tad crowded. I decided at last minute that I wanted to try this whole dolphin dive that everyone does. I ran in and then tried it. I did a few of them but the water was shallow and somehow I ended up scrapping my shoulder and knee. This was a day of trial and error so this was mistake number one. 

Swim time - 12:16

I finally got swimming and as I mentioned the water was choppy. For the first time ever during a tri, I got kicked and swallowed water. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. I knew going in that I was undertrained. I made sure to take my time. I didn't want to over do it. 

Once I passed the second buoy it was only a matter of time before my hand was hitting the floor I had to get up and walk/run a long to get out of the water. Then you have about a quarter of a mile to get to transition. This is probably my least favorite part of the tri. 

I got into transition. Poured water on my feet. Put my New Balance Minumus on. Grabbed my helmet and was out on the bike. I lalagaged a lot in transition. 

T1 time - 6:42 LOL!!

I got on the bike and I had a water bottle with some sweet tea Nuun in it. This was my only source of nutrition for the day. I am on the #nsng way of life and I love that they have a more minimalist nutrition approach. I am not saying this is for everyone. So far, it is working for me. 

I felt like I was going fast on the bike. But when I looked down at my watch, I wasn't going fast at all. At one point I went to take another swig of Nuun and I dropped my water bottle. Fail number 2! I went 6 miles without being able to drink anything, which was fine because I needed to go to the bathroom and release some fluids really bad. I should have gone before my wave started but I didn't need to go as bad then. 

Being on the bike helped me keep the urge in check and I somewhat forgot I needed to go.  The wind wasn't too bad until I bad my way back toward transition. I was glad to be off 


  1. Ugh that transition feels like a million miles away! We both need some T1 practice. Who can help us? lol

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